technical translation,

  • Consecutive Interpreting

    Consecutive Interpreting is most commonly used for press conferences, speeches and similar events. No special equipment is required, the interpreter stands next to the main speaker and delivers the message in the language of the audience.

  • Document Translation

    Theuse of documents in today’s society is a fundamental element of our communicatio nsystem. Documents form the basis of our economy, educational systems, governments an deveryday lives.

    Therefore, one of the core services offered by Urartu Translations Ltd. is document translation services. We have translated all types of documentation (electronic and paper), including, but not limited to: contracts, correspondence, medical records, marketing brochures, government documents, judicial rulings, technical manuals, educational materials, legal filings, website text, e-mails, software-related documentation, advertisements, public notices, financial documents and information, licenses, divorce decrees, birth certificates, transcripts, diplomas,pharmaceutical materials, newsfeeds, magazines, etc.

    • High-Volume Requests
    • Technical Materials
    • Academic Translations
    • Legal Translations
    • Medical Translations
    • Business and Financial Translations
    • Notary Certified Documents

    Newsletter and Magazine Translations

  • Interpretation

    Whether you are planning a one-to-one meeting or a full scale conference, we will provide you with everything you could possibly need in order to communicate seamlessly with your chosen audience.

    The process starts with an individual consultation in order to determine your exact needs. We then advise you as to which type of interpreting best suits the requirements of your multilingual event and then appoint a dedicated interpreter to oversee every detail of its planning and implementation.

    Interpreting Services designed to meet your needs exactly.

  • MultiMedia Application Translation

    Be prepared on AutoCAD Freehand or text in a variety of formats to suit your needs are and can be delivered in the format of these applications you. In particular, Russian, Ukrainian, and your translation in Bulgarian language is delivered in Freehand and AutoCAD format.

  • Website Translation and Localization

    Building a multilingual website that is easy to use, aesthetically pleasing and culturally appealing to your target audience is not easy. However, with URARTU you will find an experienced partner who can help ease the burden of international website development.

    As URARTU, we understand that the web plays a vital role within your global strategy. Your website can be a powerful tool in presenting your company and its products to new customers. But delivering on this potential requires not just translation of the text, but the adaptation of your products and all related information to the target audiences.

    Combining sophisticated technology and linguistic expertise, we provide:

    • A professional and flexible service that makes every aspect of web localization easy to manage
    • Advice on how to overcome 'cultural pitfalls'

    Integration with translation memory systems to leverage existing translations from previous versions