• Ad-hoc Interpreting

    Ad-hoc Interpreting (sometimes known as liaison or business interpreting) is recommended for negotiations, discussions and generally smaller meetings. This simple, yet highly effective technique requires no specialist equipment, only the services of one of our expert interpreters.

  • Simultaneous Interpretation

    Simultaneous Interpretation

    Simultaneous interpreting is an instant interpretation service where an interpreter translates the speaker simultaneously. The interpreter works in a soundproofed boothwhere s/he can see the speaker.  The speaker in the meeting room speaks into a microphone; the interpreter receives the sound through a headset and renders the translated message into a microphone simultaneously. This service is very different that other verbal interpretations and requires a specialized translator experience and rather higher compared to the verbal interpretation. In most cases, the simultaneousinterpretation is performed by 2 interpreters.

    Fields of Activity:




    Conferences, etc.

  • Website Translation and Localization

    Building a multilingual website that is easy to use, aesthetically pleasing and culturally appealing to your target audience is not easy. However, with URARTU you will find an experienced partner who can help ease the burden of international website development.

    As URARTU, we understand that the web plays a vital role within your global strategy. Your website can be a powerful tool in presenting your company and its products to new customers. But delivering on this potential requires not just translation of the text, but the adaptation of your products and all related information to the target audiences.

    Combining sophisticated technology and linguistic expertise, we provide:

    • A professional and flexible service that makes every aspect of web localization easy to manage
    • Advice on how to overcome 'cultural pitfalls'

    Integration with translation memory systems to leverage existing translations from previous versions